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Howard Rabotnick Certified as ActionCFO™ Advisor
Metro Detroit entrepreneur and business leader is certified as ActionCFO™ advisor, equipping him to provide CFO expertise to companies as an alternative to hiring a full-time CFO.

Farmington Hills, MI, October 2, 2009 – Howard Rabotnick, President of Tendras Business Advisors, has been certified as an ActionCFO™ advisor.

“I’ve helped small to midsize companies implement business software and ERP solutions for 20 years,” said Rabotnick. “I’ve learned that even with the best tools, many companies still lack financial visibility. My clients typically are not large enough for a full-time CFO, but they still need CFO expertise.”

The ActionCFO process provides that expertise by linking part-time CFO advisors with a unique system that eliminates financial surprises for midsize business owners. Rabotnick said most business owners are not ever aware that they don’t really need CFO-level expertise on a full-time basis.

“Current employees can usually perform most financial management tasks as long as the right system is in place,” he said. “I’ve seen many businesses spend far too much on a full-time CFO when they really only need a good system and access to CFO expertise.”

Rabotnick first encountered ActionCFO when he brought in founder Troy Schrock to help a client. “Troy’s process was the missing piece,” he said. Having seen its value, Rabotnick began to think about providing the service himself.

Now, having completed certification training, Rabotnick looks forward to sharing his own financial leadership experience by helping new clients implement the ActionCFO process. “ActionCFO will be a vital component for my clients as I expand my business beyond providing technology-based financial solutions.”

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About ActionCFO™
The ActionCFO™ process is a unique process used by certified CFO advisors to provide part-time CFO services to business owners with revenue between $2M and $20M. ActionCFO provides a CFO system and part-time CFO to owners of midsize businesses who are looking for financial visibility and control without the cost of a full-time CFO. ActionCFO is a trademarked process of Advisor Catalyst, Inc, based in Farmington Hills, MI.

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