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Our CFO advisors work with business owners in long-term relationships to build stronger economic engines using the Financial Visibility and Control System.  They have significant executive-level business and financial management experience.

Each ActionCFO advisor is an independent professional certified in the ActionCFO Process™. Periodically, our Professional Community of CFO advisors meets for learning and development and to tap each other’s knowledge for the benefit of their clients.

Our advisors are a special breed of experience, caliber, and mindset. They typically have at least ten years experience in one or more of the following positions:

  • CPA working in public accounting or private accounting.
  • Chief Financial Officer of a midsize or larger organization.
  • Commercial banker for small to midsize organizations.
  • CFO advisor to small and midsize organizations.
When Should I Hire a Full-Time CFO? 
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Advisor Availability™
With rare exception, our advisors are available to help you at any time, including short-notice requests for physical meetings. No hourly fees rack up; it's all included in the standard CFO Engagement fee.