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Unfortunately, many so-called CFOs provide little value beyond dropping the monthly financial statements on the CEO’s desk. An effective CFO knows that monthly financials are where his work begins, not ends.

What do the numbers mean? Why did we do better – or poorer – than expected? How do we compare to previous periods? What is our break-even, and is it moving up or down? Is there a looming problem for which we should be preparing? Do we have the capital to expand?

The questions are numerous, and most require experienced insight to answer. Owners, investors, and bankers want to know these answers and what you intend to do about them.

Using the Eight Disciplines of Financial Visibility and Control, a certified part-time CFO advisor can fill this role in your business for less than 40% of the cost of a full-time CFO.

CFO Discovery

Engage an ActionCFO Advisor to lead a CFO Discovery for your business and see an immediate increase in your financial visibility and control.

In addition to a thorough financial review of your business, the advisor will implement the powerful Cash Flow Forecaster Tool and the ActionCFO Smart Board.

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When Should I Hire a Full-Time CFO? 
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Do you need a full-time CFO?

Before You Hire a CFO

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